It’s always tragic to have to say you did fall of your horse. And yes it happens from time to time, and to all of us. To keep the drama low, what are some creative ways to say … If you tell someone you fell off a horse, it sounds like something potentially tragic happened. But if you instead say that you ate dirt, it sounds sort of fun and lighthearted. But there is more :

1. My horse and I went our own way
2. I just finished my fly lesson
3. It was time for an arena inspection
4. I went to visit ‘Sand city’
5. I just needed that mud-face ‘spa’
6. I work on a gravitation research
7. I’m flying Air Equestrian
8. I really thought there was money on the ground!
9. I just had to test if my riding helmet is still functional
10. I think the ground is attracted to me

one to finish … I fought the lawn and the lawn won.

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