[quote_center]”I’ll bet you that my bank is going to be calling me to verify THIS charge.”[/quote_center]

Equestrianism is one of the most competitive and lucrative sports in the history of sporting. From western rodeos to olympic show jumping, the elite equestrian industry has seemed to be financially dominated by tyrannical millionaires and billionaires coming from everywhere around the world. The price of a horse has no blue book value, and therefore has no absolute price associated with each individual horse besides what the purchaser is willing to pay. The sale of expensive horses like these have been the topic of debate due to questionable legalities of pricing, illegal/fixed contracts, and pay-offs in hopes that record-high sales prices will allow the sellers to sell their next horses at a premium without the buyer questioning their price.  Sometimes these high sales prices can be “rigged” and the released sales price will be for media purposes only.  Using your common sense,  it is reasonable to assume that there is absolutely no reason to purchase a horse for $10,000,000 USD.  You also would have to assume that any millionaire/billionaire did not get into that financial position by making rookie financial moves, especially when a $10,000,000 loss is a huge hit to even the deepest of pockets. So at this point, you would have to question the logical reasoning for buying a horse for 8 figures, and what profit lies behind the “press release” price.  Most likely the prices reflected to the media are probably significantly lower than what the buyer had paid for the horse, but that still raises question to their sanity and/or financial and/or rational decision making skills.

Without any further delay, here are the 10 most expensive horses ever sold in world history, starting at the low and affordable price of $9.2 Million Dollars.

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