Equestrian girls are one-of-a-kind, don’t get me wrong. They are very different compared to your every-day ‘traditional’ girl most non-equestrian guys are used to. I’m sure most equestrian girls know that they are awesome, but for some reason it takes the guys a little longer to realize this. As most non-equestrians do not understand the wide world of equestrianism, they do make their assumptions based upon what they see in movies, what their friends say, or from what they have ‘heard’ through the grapevine.

As a man who has seen both sides of the coin, I think I am moderately level-headed in terms of being fair to both sides of the argument. There are some very positive aspects to dating an equestrian and some not-so pretty sides as well. Living in an equestrian area (Wellington, FL), my non-equestrian guy friends have always been “sketchy” about getting into a relationship with equestrian girl, and they have came up with a list of reasons as to why they feel this way.

FYI – This is not an official consensus and really only portrays the views of local Wellingtonians (is that what they’re called?)


1) You are too into your horses to have time for us

As any person in a relationship, you never want to be put in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place in the eyes of your partner. In between your dedication to your horse and barn-related tasks, you will not have time to do normal things. You are at the barn from 6am to 9pm Tuesday through Sunday, and that is too much. We will never be able to go out to dinner or do things that a regular couple does, that is, unless we decide to take on horse riding. o_0

2) Dating an equestrian girl is kind of like dating a truck driver (LOL. WHAT?!)

Dating an equestrian girl is kind of like dating a truck driver: they’re away from home for weeks or months at a time, they’re living out of a suitcase, they are never around when you want them to be, and when you do see them they smell like horse poop.

^ this has to be the funniest description I’ve ever heard.


3) Your weekends are on Mondays

We work Monday through Friday and you work Tuesday through Sunday, which means we can’t even see each other on the weekends! Friday and Saturday nights are our time to go out and have fun, but no, you have to be up at 6 am on Saturday and Sunday, so you’re off to bed as soon as you come home. When Sunday night comes, you are dying to go out and have some fun, but we are still recovering from the great weekend at the beach. While you are out with your friends, we will have nobody to put aloe vera on the sunburned parts of our back that we cannot reach ourselves. Looks like we’re going to peel now, thanks a lot.

4) We overheard your horse-related bills

So, we overheard you talking on the phone about your crazy horse related expenses. You paid $1,000 for your riding boots, $1,500 a month to board your horse, outrageous vet costs, horse transportation costs, horse feed, and that isn’t even the beginning of the list. We know that if we happened to get married one day, there is a 97% chance that I am going to be signing my name to those bills. You’re kind of cute too, it’s a shame that you don’t play tennis. LOL.

5) All you talk about are horses

We ask “how was your day?”, and we get a response like: “blah, blah, horses, blah blah, vet, blah blah, I hate my trainer, blah blah”. We finally get to go out to dinner and all you talk about is “blah, blah, horses, blah blah, vet, blah blah, I hate my trainer, blah blah”. We go to the movies and instead of watching the movie we hear “blah, blah, horses, blah blah, vet, blah blah, I hate my trainer, blah blah”.


From the list provided by your finest local wellington non-equestrian bachelors, it is safe to assume that most non-equestrians do not understand the lifestyle, and it may come as too overpowering for some. The bottom line to this story is that if you want to date a horse girl, you are going to be the one that needs to change. You either ride with the waves, or get out of the ocean!

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