As the holidays come to a close this year and the season of New Year’s resolutions and thank-you notes is upon us, I began to look back on the gifts I received, and the gifts my non-equestrian family and friends received. I noticed a good amount of these gifts that were greatly appreciated by me were things any non-equestrian would not appreciate in the same way- if at all- so here it is, here are 8 things no one but equestrians want for Christmas.

  1. Socks

I’m sure there are a few adults that would actually appreciate socks as a present, but give a pair of fun patterned riding socks to an equestrian and they will almost immediately have an outfit planned around them for the next time they go riding.

  1. A Helmet

Most people would give a confused smile and a small thank you if they opened a box containing a GPA Speed Air or Charles Owen AYR8, but give that to an equestrian and well, they might cry tears of joy.

  1. Carrots/Apples

A low budget gift every equestrian wants is treats for their beloved steed. Now try giving this to a non-equestrian, and you’ll probably end up having a very long conversation with said non-equestrian about how this was NOT your roundabout way of telling them they need to lose weight.

  1. Clippers

Give an electric razor to someone without a horse, and now you’re the jerk that basically called someone too hairy, but give it to an equestrian and you will be seeing pictures of a freshly clipped horse with a very happy owner on Facebook in the near future.

  1. A Giant Wooden Chest (preferably with the recipient’s name or initials on it)

Anyone else would most likely sell this or let it sit in their garage until the end of time, but give it to an equestrian and you have just revolutionized the way they store their equipment.

  1. A button down-athletic wear hybrid shirt with a turtle-neck style collar

This would literally be the ugliest shirt ever to the average non-equestrian, but for an equestrian, you just gave them the newest addition to their beloved collection of show shirts.

  1. Stretchy pants with patches of suede on the knee

Often seen as tight-in-all-the-wrong-places and unflattering, these pants might be burned by anyone but an equestrian, who will probably, like the socks, be planning an outfit around their new favorite piece of clothing.

  1. An absurd amount of gloves

There is really no need for “summer gloves”, unless you are riding horses in which case you will need ALL THE GLOVES.

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