In the world of equestrian sports, you have three types of riders; the elite competitors and professional athletes, the back yard for- fun folks, and last but not least, the local circuit loyals.  I, like most, fall into the third classification. While central Ohio offers a handful of wonderful show circuits, some of which even have earned USEF ratings, it’s a far cry from the glitz and glamour of circuits like WEF or HITS.

For a long time I found myself overly envious of all of the riders who could afford to pack up and spend a third of the year showing amongst the best in he world.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?  With the prevalence of social media these days, it is almost impossible to not see and hear about every moment of the lives of the sport’s most prestigious.  Also having friends who compete on these circuits makes it that much more exciting and real.  I would spend so much of my time wishing I could be a part of that world that I lost sight of the one I was living in.

By every measure of the word “blessed,” I am above and beyond.  I have the most wonderful horse in the world, (no really, I do) I have a trainer who is committed to making me succeed, and I get to spend most weekends of my summer competing with many of my friends.  After a long hard look in the mirror, I realized flying my horse to Florida and taking four months off work will never be in the picture for me.  After a little more looking, I came to realize that that is alright.  As incredible as it would be to have the funds for multiple horses, big time shows, and all day training, that will never be reality for me.  But I must say, my reality is a pretty incredible one. I am so happy for the riders who get to experience these things; it gives me people to stalk on social media.  Everyone who gets to spend their days with horses is pretty lucky in my book.  I think the key to happiness is living a life you love, and I get to live my dreams on a daily basis.


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