When it comes to equestrian marketing, web design, and branding there are thousands of options to choose from throughout the internet. The challenge of finding the right company can be difficult and can be a daunting task. Considering that the fate of your brand, sales, and company survival is greatly attributed to the work provided by these companies, it should be a decision that should not be made lightly.

When it comes to choosing the right company for your equestrian marketing, there are many factors that should be involved in your decision, but the one that should hold the most ground is the portfolio. A client portfolio is a list of clients that the marketing/design agency has worked with or has done business with in the past. The portfolios of these companies should fall into line with what style of work you are looking for, and with companies you are similar to in nature.


Many companies cannot provide the services that many clients request, but try to do so in order to keep the business or the credentials. You can see this when viewing a company’s website that is half-done, missing pieces, is not compatible with your device, or is confusing to browse. On top of this, there are companies with little-to-no credentials who are claiming to give you “big results” with little proof of these results.

Luckily there are a few good equestrian marketing companies out there with good credentials that stand by their results. One of the most trendsetting companies in the equine marketing biz today is the company who has designed and currently manage this website: Lexicon Universal.


Lexicon Universal is a webdesign, marketing, and advertising agency in Wellington, FL specializing in advanced design and marketing techniques that has truly been effective within the equine market. They currently have accumulated over $3,000,000 in gross sales online for their customers in 2015. They have also accumulated over 15,000,000 unique viewers for their client’s websites in 2015.

They have worked with many famous equestrian brands such as Parlanti, PassioneQ, Personally Preppy, Memo Gracida, Riders for Well-Being, Lorenzini, Lestoque, Tattini, and Jin Stirrup.

They have designed and managed the eCommerce websites for PassioneQ, Personally Preppy, Riders for Well-Being, and Personally Preppy. Designing the website and integrating an easy-to-use multi-currency payment gateway that has allowed these companies to thrive.


Lexicon Universal has enabled these brands to gain the proper exposure, customer satisfaction, and increased market-share that they are capable of. This new wave of technological implementation with online digital marketing and design is setting the bar for equestrian marketing companies worldwide.

Using advanced features such as in-site advertising, affiliate marketing, custom payment gateways, subscription services, and member-only websites and forums.

Lexicon Universal has also build the website for Polo Professional and Polo Hall-Of-Famer Memo Gracida. Memo Gracida is one of the most successful polo players to have ever played the game, and has even played with Prince Charles and has met the Queen of England.


Lexicon Universal has also attributed to the Social Media account of PassioneQ which has Facebook followers of over 23,000 and Instagram followers over 20,000.

Lexicon Universal’s equine marketing services include: product placement, social media management, website design, ecommerce, public relations, digital marketing, and more.

Watch out for this company, as they have gained a cutting edge on the marketing competition within the equestrian industry using advanced and calculating tactics that are foreign to the native marketing industry.


Check out their website (www.lexiconuniversal.com)

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