Equestrian Empire is currently undergoing safety inspections tests for a variety of helmet brands and models from around the globe. For the safety concerns looming around the industry regarding the safety and quality of equestrian riding helmets, we are going to begin testing any and all helmet brands that are willing to participate.

We are going to test these helmets in a standardized fashion. We will be testing these helmets at the same facility, and reconciling the results based upon regulations in over 10 locations. We will post the test results of each brand publicly.

To ensure that everyone understands the reasoning and logic behind each regulation, we will also be attaching a post that breaks down every regulation, what is included, and how they compare to other regulations.

We want to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly including the riders and the brands involved.

At the end of our testing phase, we will compare and contrast the results of each helmet brand to find out who is in fact, the safest riding helmet.

We are asking all equestrian helmet brands to participate in our testing. If you are an equestrian helmet brand and interested in participating in our testing, please contact us at info@equestrianempire.com

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