In the world of equine rehabilitation, training, and therapy there are few companies that truly stick out; one of them being Germany’s Horse Gym 2000.

Horse Gym 2000 is a German company that builds treadmills, spas, and other rehabilitation and training equipment for horses. According to their website, the first prototypes of these machines were created in 1995, and they have been supplying the world with their equipment ever since.

The Horse Gym 2000 is undoubtedly the most popular horse treadmill and spa manufacturer in the world, with clients such as Marcus Ehning, Jan Tops, Kent Farrington, Georgina Bloomberg, Eric Lamaze, and hundreds of the world’s top riders from all disciplines.

Horse Gym Treadmill Outside 2
Horse Gym 2000 Standard Walker Treadmill / Horse Gym 2000

Treadmills and spas for horses have become the next big thing in equine training and rehabilitation, opening the doors to a whole new world of possibilities for trainers, riders, vets, and horse enthusiasts alike. Since the original prototype in 1995, horse treadmill technology has been taken to new heights, with the same company leading the industry time and time again.

What Does the Horse Gym Do for My Horse?

horse gym 2000 before and after
Before and After Photos of a Case Study

There are different models that work to achieve specific goals. There are 4 classes of horse treadmill models that are available: , , , and the . These machines truly do produce results quickly and efficiently, as they are used by the world’s most trusted riders and trainers. Take a look at the before and after photos of a recent case study (attached). The typical uses for these machines are:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Competition Training
  • Horse Rehabilitation
  • Easing Muscle Tension
  • Relaxation
  • Endurance


Why Is Horse Gym 2000 Better Than Other Horse Treadmill Brands?

  1. High Quality Builds – All parts and machinery are created, built, and assembled using high quality German technology and materials. Most other equine treadmill companies use parts made in China, Vietnam, Sweden, or Denmark.
  2. Unrivaled Technology – Innovating technology is a major factor as to why the Horse Gym 2000 has managed to remain the leading manufacturer of horse treadmills and spas. For example, all Horse Gym 2000 treadmills come equipped with a flooring that is designed to imitate the feel of naturally grown grass, this helps with joint issues among various others.
  3. Unlimited Add-Ons – These treadmills don’t just come stock (if you don’t want them to), they can come with an unbelievable amount of add-ons. Some of these add-ons include dual ramps, variable incline/descent bows, roofs, heart monitors, coin-operation, digital displays, various automatic programs, and many other options. This company will even create customized options that don’t even exist!
  4. World-Class Customer Service – When you order a treadmill from Horse Gym 2000, the company sends staff from Germany to install, train, and demonstrate the machinery. They will also show you how to take take care of the machine to ensure that it lasts. If you have a simple issue, they will walk you through how to fix the issue (via Skype, Email, or Phone). If your issue is complicated, they will fly staff to fix your issue at no cost!
  5. Great Warranty – The #1 issue that scares most people is the warranty. Horse Gym 2000 offers a 2-year warranty on all horse treadmills and spas.
  6. Affordable Options – As you can imagine, these machines can become expensive! However, many of the distributors offer leasing and financing options that make these machines affordable. Don’t have the cash in hand? No problem!
  7. Amazing Credentials – Horse Gym 2000 products are used by thousands of people around the globe. They are the best-selling horse treadmill and spa brand on the market, and produce the quality to match. This brand is trusted by a majority of the world’s top riders in every discipline.
horse gym 2000 aquatrainer
Horse Gym 2000 Aquatrainer

How Can I Order a Horse Gym 2000?

If you are looking for a distributor in your country or region, please visit the official Horse Gym 2000 website. If you’re looking for a Horse Gym 2000 Treadmill or Spa and you are in North America (United States, Canada, or Mexico) visit the website.

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