The digital marketing, website design, and branding agency NewStyle Digital has acquired the rights and ownership to Equestrian Empire’s assets including the Equestrian Empire website, online store, social media accounts, and branding. The company plans to revamp all facets of the brand to help push Equestrian Empire, as well as the equestrian community as a whole. has received over 2 million unique visitors in the last year, and has an accumulation of viral posts and content using their websites and social media accounts as direct channels of promotion. The website has been been used as a community posting society that allows virtually anyone with content or relevant information to post their content, pending validity and content moderation from the administrative staff.

As Equestrian Empire has continued to grow, the company has embraced and connected with the equestrian community at large. The acquiring company, NewStyle Digital plans to keep many of the working parts of Equestrian Empire the same, but wants to expand to new and uncharted territory surrounding the equestrian community. With the unbelievable success of many of their equestrian clients, they have the ability and the experience to drive the brand to new levels and become a bigger part of the equestrian community.

Formerly known as Lexicon Universal Media, NewStyle Digital is a digital marketing, website design, and branding agency in Wellington, Florida that has been the driving force behind many successful brands, companies, and products inside and outside of the equestrian industry. Their “claim to fame” within the equestrian marketplace was their role in driving the Italian boot brand, Parlanti (also known as PassioneQ) to becoming the #1 selling riding boot in the world.

“Rebuilding an entire brand’s image, market placement, social media following, marketing campaigns, and customer perception is not something that is easy or cheap. I knew that when I met Gianluca Caron and Francesco Ianelli (Owners of Parlanti USA and Parlanti Europe) that they believed in their product, and that is the type of client that we were looking to work with.”, says NewStyle Digital president and founder, Aaron Taylor.

NewStyle Digital has worked as a marketing, web development, and branding liason for many other successful equestrian brands such as Memo Gracida, Kask Equestrian, Jin Stirrup, Solea Equestrian, Personally Preppy, Forget Me Not Farm, Lorenzini, Horse Gym 2000, Riders for Well-Being, and Equestrian Empire. Even Equestrian Empire’s branding, websites, and social media accounts were built and designed by NewStyle Digital.

Behind the curtain of NewStyle Digital’s staff is an array of design, marketing, and development professionals, many of whom work within the equestrian world. Using conventional and unconventional tactics, the team at NewStyle Digital has managed to turn heads and consistently bring success to companies looking to grow.

“The secret to our success is in our staff, teamwork, and education. Some of our staff are lifetime equestrians in a variety of disciplines, some are branding experts from top universities, some have worked behind multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and some have done development work for top companies such as IBM. One thing all of us have in common is that we are all young, educated, and hungry. We want to take brands with a vision to where they want to go.”, says Aaron Taylor.

“Equestrian Empire is a perfect example of this situation. We have worked with Equestrian Empire since they opened in 2014, and we see the potential in the brand and the equestrian sport as a whole. It is blatantly obvious that the equestrian sport has a marketing problem, and we believe that the sport is something that hasn’t been promoted the way that it deserves to be. We are not saying that we can fix this problem, but we believe that building the Equestrian Empire platform is a great place to start.”

NewStyle Digital plans to turn Equestrian Empire into a sensation for equestrians alike.

“We look forward to a very bright and prosperous future with this new acquisition, and we hope everyone is excited for what we have in store for this amazing company.”

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