If you’re familiar with the Show Jumping A-Circuit, then you’ve heard of Personally Preppy. Personally Preppy is a company based out of New York that specializes in custom monogram designs and fun accessories. With beginnings founded from a preppy lifestyle, equestrian influences, and an idea that sparked in college, Tate and Kirsten Tegtmeier began Personally Preppy. Since their startup, they have created a physical and virtual hype that has left the equestrian product market in the dust. Tate and Kirsten, better known as ‘Tate & Kir’, have brought something to the table that the equestrian market has been craving: something young, fun, inexpensive, and customized.

 Their Story
Personally Preppy's Tate & Kir on NBC's "The Debrief" with David Ushery
Personally Preppy’s Tate & Kir on NBC’s “The Debrief” with David Ushery

As best friends, sisters and “college twins” Tate & Kir began Personally Preppy during a late night brainstorm whileattending Salve Regina University. Although at opposite ends of the spectrum, (Tate, graduating with her MBA & Kir, a freshman), they utilized their creative passion of business, and horses to begin building the brand Personally Preppy. They started at the bottom, and together, as a team, Tate & Kir ran a pony camp to help pay for their horse shows. While working, and showing in the industry as avid horse show girls, Kir recognized that everyone has similar clothes, and expensive equipment. Kir recognized that the rider’s helmets, crops, gloves, and saddle pads were constantly confused and sometimes lost. As avid “Prepsters” and Equestrians they agreed that monogramming would be a fun, yet classic way to let their preppy style shine in the show ring! Later that night, Tate and Kir started Personally Preppy. They say, “It was a big risk starting a company in college but with hard work and perseverance Personally Preppy was born!” As they continue to grow up, their parents, both successful entrepreneurs, consistently encourage Tate & Kir to pursue their best ideas, and practice becoming strong, positive business women. They strive everyday to produce a high quality product. There is nothing better than receiving a hot pink envelope with monograms inside. They are a sister run company, and love working together as best friends as well as business partners. The sisters stand for positivity in and out of the show ring, along with the pursuit of passionate success. They also love supporting riders around the world who have a love for their horses and equestrian style. Tate and Kir attribute their success to their family and want to officially thank their creative Mom, their supportive Dad, and their trendy brother for believing in them, encouraging their work ethics, listening to their horse talk, and supporting their wildest dreams. As the Tegtmeier family always says; “Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it.”

What is a Monogram?

monogram is a motif of two or more letters, typically a person’s initials, usually interwoven or otherwise combined in a decorative design, used as a logo or to identify a personal possession.  The monogram is not only universally recognized as preppy necessity, but monograms also help identify an individuals items. This is crucial in the world of horse showing, where riders often leave, misplace, or mix their riding helmets, boots, gloves, and accessories where the owner of those similar items is not clearly defined. Now riders and those alike can monogram their items in a stylish and fashionable way to customize their riding gear. The idea of appealing to communities such as the equestrian community with such a great and useful product is just downright genius.

The Rise of the Monogram
Personally Preppy Riding Helmet Monogram on a Samshield Helmet
Personally Preppy Riding Helmet Monogram on a Samshield Helmet

Monograms have been around since the early 1900’s and have always been popular within any preppy lifestyle. Though today this idea is popular as is not considered very “unique” in terms of monogram innovation, Personally Preppy has found a way to change the monogram world using their equestrian upbringings. Now available only through Personally Preppy, you can order custom monogrammed equestrian accessories such as belts, Samshield gloves, showbats, bracelets, earrings, and spur straps, as well as a consistent addition of various equestrian related monograms and monogrammed items. Today the equestrian market for monograms is booming, and Personally Preppy stands at the peak of that mountain.  Solely through hard work, innovative designs, unparalleled customer service, and arelative understanding of today’s equestrian youth, Personally Preppy has managed to single handedly create a craze for monograms in the horse show world.  The rise of the monogram is steadily climbing higher and higher in the equine industry, and Personally Preppy remains “one-of-a-kind” in the business.


Personally Preppy Anchor Belt
Personally Preppy Anchor Belt

You can find Tate & Kir visiting and connecting sporadically with the equine community throughout the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival season in Wellington. “We are proud to represent and support the equestrian community” says Kirsten, “We are grateful for our family, friends, customers, and affiliates that have helped us and continue to help us throughout our journey as women and as business owners.”

Be sure to follow Tate & Kir’s preppy journey on their social media accounts, (Instagram: @PersonallyPreppy / Twitter: @PersonalyPreppy / SnapChat: @PersonalPrep)  and wave hi to them at WEF – they always have free goodies on hand for fellow fans and followers.

Personally Preppy Monograms can be purchased from their online store:www.personallypreppy.com

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