Not long after the excitement of the commencing events at the 2016 equestrian Olympic Games, a startling incident occurred.

A bullet was fired through the roof of a media tent at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in the early afternoon of day one of Rio’s equestrian competition.

Although it was a busy time for the many journalists inside during a lunch break at the dressage event, fortunately, no one was harmed by the stray bullet that pierced through the roof of the tent and collided to the ground. The shot left a visible hole in the roof of the tent, but no other damage occurred as the bullet landed near the side of the room where press conferences are held.

The equestrian venue is located in close proximity to a military base, which some speculate may have been the source of the bullet. However, an investigation by authorities is underway to ascertain more information.

Even though the incident has left many feeling uneasy, a spokesman for the Rio 2016 organizing committee has assured the public that they do not believe the incident has anything to do with the games.


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Leslie Khouri
Leslie is a writer and a passionate equestrian living in the sunshine state. She has been riding for over 16 years with experience in multiple disciplines. Her love of riding began as a child. While attending horse camp she trotted through trails and learned about natural horsemanship. As a teenager, her interest grew in English riding. She has since competed in hunter jumper and dressage shows. She currently rides at a show jumper barn, enjoying the challenge of focusing not only on technique but also timing over each course. She delights in sharing her love of everything equine related through writing and photographs.

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