Ruby Walsh has been preparing for Saturday’s Grand National in unconventional fashion – by jumping his horse over a moving vehicle.

Walsh carried out the stunt for Paddy Power’s Grand National advert, where he gallops towards the car before leaping over it.

The Irishman starts the clip by saying: “This is how I’ve been getting ready for this year’s Grand National.”

Walsh clears the car with ease, which was apparently travelling faster than 40mph, before throwing his arm up in the air in celebration.

Walsh, who is bidding to win the Grand National for a third time this weekend said, “I know the training is a little unorthodox and won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but the National fences are as tough as they come, so there’s no point putting the brakes on in practice.”

Paddy Power said: “Animal rights folk will probably have a bee in their bonnet, but the horse wasn’t harmed, in fact it was just my alloys that were ruined by the end.”

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