Samshield has conveniently released a public statement today on their website recalling unsafe helmets and asking customers with unsafe helmets to fill out a form and return the helmets to their local tack shop or to Samshield directly.

Contradictory to the article posted by Samshield America, who claims there are no issues and that everything has been taken care of, has released a different story that explains that there is in fact a recall that is currently in effect and asking customers and tack shops to return unsafe products with a specific production date, and how to detect if your helmet is in fact unsafe.

Link to Samshield America post – Click Here
Link to Samshield Official post – Click Here

The text released on the Official Samshield website reads as follows:

“The #02 helmets models produced in 04/15 meets the American certification ASTM F1163-04a (requirements of this certification are higher than previous CE-EN1384-2012) but Samshield have recently noticed that due to a manufacture error these helmets could sometimes not being conform to the new certification CE-VG1-040 that is claimed on their label.

This label discrepancy is considered as a safety risk for the user of these helmets.

Safety and transparency being a priority for Samshield, we kindly ask you to check your Samshield #02 helmet model (Shadowmatt or Premium models).

For this purpose, please check the production date on the sticker which is in the helmet, under the liner (please see picture below).

If it’s a ‘‘#02 / production date 04/15’’ please bring it back to the retailer who has sold the helmet in order to send it to Samshield or send the helmet directly to Samshield (with the form here) to enable them to check it and, if necessary, exchange it for a model which should not represent any doubt regarding the certification claimed on its label.”

In a post released on Sept 25, 2015 by Samshield, they explain how all of their helmets conform to the new European standards ( Since the release of the new VG1-040 in 2014, all helmets manufactured before that date are grandfathered into the old regulations, as anything after that date is not. Their production on 04/15 does NOT meet the standards of VG1-040 that was passed in 2014, but were sold and distributed anyways. As the emails, lab results, and official statements released prove our claims are true.

As we have received much criticism and social media “jousting” from die hard Samshield fans, we are happy to take the criticism and dart-throwing if it means possible saving someone’s life. We are not afraid to call any company out who is putting other people in danger, and profiting from it.

In the meantime, we will undergo full testing of Samshield’s helmet line to ensure that all current productions are up to standard, including in the USA.

We would like to thank all of the contributors involved, and Samshield’s priority for safety and transparency by admitting that there was in fact a safety issue that was unresolved for around a year without action.

Information provided by Gianluca Caron, CEO of Parlanti USA.

If you are in question as to whether or not your helmet is considered “unsafe”, please visit or visit


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