Here are 23 things that equestrians say that when said “out of context” can come off to any non-equestrian as sexually confusing and misleading. If you find yourself using these phrases at the mall or in a public non-equestrian setting, chances are you will attract unwanted attention. Stay thirsty, my friends. #TheThirstIsReal #DontBeAPerv

1. “Man, it feels great to have 17 hands between your legs!”
2. “She got me off twice today.”
3. “Don’t put her away while she’s still wet.”
4. “Swing your leg over and get on top of him.”
5. “It was a great ride, but he’s kinda sticky.”
6. “More leg, less hand.”
7. “He needs a good 20 minute warm-up.”
8. “Get him deeper to the base.”
9. “Careful how much hand you use, you don’t want him to pop up.”
10. “Use your legs to drive him forward.”
11. “Open your thighs more.”
12. “Give him his head.”
13. “You look good on him!”
14. “He feels too stiff.”
15. “Eventers do it three ways!”
16. “You’re being too rough with your hands.”
17. “She was hard to get going today.”
18. “Wrap your legs around him and try to get his head up.”
19. “She needs a really big girth.”
20. “She’s squirting everywhere.”
21. “He’s just so soft in my hands.”
22. “Sit deeper, move with the rhythm and stick your chest out.”
23. “He rides so much bigger than he looks!”

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