With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, who better to show how much you love them than your horse? With all that our horses do for us each year, they deserve some extra loving on Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways to show your horse how much you appreciate him during the year. Head out to your local tack shop to pick something up for your main “bae”.

Have his back

Your horse literally carries you around on his back during lessons, hacks, training and at shows. To prevent soreness and give him some extra cushion, treat him to a nice half pad. Brands like Ogilvy and Fleeceworks are both stylish and effective. Your horse will thank you for looking out for him, and you’ll look great while you protect his back.

ogilvy fleeceworks

Treat your mount

Humans get boxes of chocolate, conversation hearts and chocolate covered strawberries as February fourteenth rolls around. Your horse should get to splurge a little too (On horse-friendly treats of course)! Instead of going with the go-to apples or carrots, try something new! My horse loves the brand Willie Muffins which come in so many flavors like peanut butter and jelly, maple and cotton candy just to name a few.



Replace old tack

Have you been using an old, dirty halter? Maybe your bell-boots are looking a little beaten up? Does your bridle have lost stitching or the maybe the braiding is falling out? There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to replace some old tack. Riding in broken tack unsafe, and takes away from the horses’ natural beauty. Take advantage of the seasonal sales to replace some of your horse’s everyday items. He will appreciate it.

Just show you care

On Valentine’s Day, give your horse a little break. Give him or her a nice, relaxing grooming session. I really like Winner’s Circle brushes because they are so well made and come many different textures. Instead of doing a hard training session, have a nice relaxing hack. See if the equine masseuse can come out if you’re feeling extra generous.

winner's circle


So while you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about horse when you shop for family, friends and your significant other. Treat your horses this Valentine’s Day. They deserve it.

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