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A brand new website has been released that specifically aims at Wellington Equestrian Properties and Luxury Estates. The website WellingtonEquestrianAgency.com targets the needs of sellers, buyers, and agents within the equestrian real estate market in Wellington, Florida.

The website is split into three parts: sellers, buyers, and agents. Each section has tools specifically designed for that role. The site allows sellers and agents to list their properties and market them more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Some of these tools include full-screen listing layouts, social media property marketing, email campaigns, and one-page listing websites.

The website has been in active development over the last 6 months, and has finally been released to the public. The company behind the website is NewStyle Digital: a digital marketing and design agency working within the equestrian world. Aaron Taylor, the president of NewStyle Digital  commented: “We have done our homework regarding what sellers, buyers, and real estate agents want and need. We took a 3 dimensional approach and broke down each role piece by piece, and then created tools needed to fulfill many issues that exist within them. Wellington equestrian farms and luxury properties are not always an easy sell, or an easy buy for that matter. Try to find an equestrian property using Realtor.com or Zillow.com and tell me what you find *laughs*. It is a difficult market, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways around these issues, and finding them is what we do best.”

The website is currently live and available to all sellers, buyers, and real estate agents to interact with. Almost all of the features of the website are free, and only the marketing tools are paid add ons.

View the website live: https://wellingtonequestrianagency.com

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