It’s summer… and it’s HOT! As a Florida native I deal with eternal summer year-round. However, the ever-present humidity seems even more unbearable this time of year. Of course, we know how important it is to keep ourselves and our horses hydrated. It’s easy to feel like you could pass out when your hour long lesson takes place in the scorching 95 degree heat. From ice pops to sumo buns I’ll try anything to keep myself cool. 

Sweat is the body’s natural “cooling system,” and mine definitely works. Before I even finish tacking up it seems like the amount of perspiration pouring off of me could rival the flow of Niagara falls.

Yes, we need to sweat. But when you’re on your horse and you’re constantly wiping sweat from your face onto your gloves, or even worse, when you’re going up to a jump and sweat is stinging your eyes it can get pretty irritating. Not being able to see where you’re going can really mess up your jumping mojo.

So when some of the women at my barn shared this ingenious trick with me I had to try it out. Is it kind of weird? Yes. But it works!

You may get some strange looks if you use this trick as part of your pre-riding routine, but when your friends get off their horses looking more like they went for a swim than a ride they’ll be asking you what’s your secret.

So what is this magic trick?

Panty liners. But not in their conventional use. You can really use these anywhere to soak up your sweaty mess. My favorite place to stick these suckers is on the inside of my helmet. The liners will help prevent sweat from rolling down your forehead and dripping into your eyes. No more blind jumping! You can also stick liners inside the underarms of your shirt if you don’t want sweat stains to show through. Depending on your comfort level at your barn you can do this ahead of time at home, or if you’re like me, you can shamelessly rip and stick them right out in the open just before you get on for your ride. Give it a try for yourself. You’ll be happier the girls twirling around in those feminine product commercials.

What are some of your favorite riding life hacks that you’ll be using this summer? Share them with us in the comments below or on our facebook page. We would love to hear from you!


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Leslie Khouri
Leslie is a writer and a passionate equestrian living in the sunshine state. She has been riding for over 16 years with experience in multiple disciplines. Her love of riding began as a child. While attending horse camp she trotted through trails and learned about natural horsemanship. As a teenager, her interest grew in English riding. She has since competed in hunter jumper and dressage shows. She currently rides at a show jumper barn, enjoying the challenge of focusing not only on technique but also timing over each course. She delights in sharing her love of everything equine related through writing and photographs.

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