WELLINGTON — A former executive of the disgraced energy corporate giant Enron is being sued in Palm Beach County for breach of contract by well-known Wellingtondressage trainer Lynda Alicki.

Lou Pai, 68,and his former stripper wife Melanie are accused of stiffing Alicki, who led their mounts into theWinter Equestrian Festival.

They allegedly failed to pay the salary they allegedly promised Alicki for the training of their prized dressage horses.

Alicki is listed as the former head trainer at their Canaan Ranch.

According to the complaint, the Pais may have been as much as $200,000 short on their promises to pay Alicki.

In their recent motion to dismiss the lawsuit, the Pais say they didn’t sign any agreeement and that the salary talk they had with Alicki didn’t mean they had a firm deal.

Lou Pai made huge national news in the early-2000s when Enron became the poster child for corporate greed and thievery.

Lynda Alicki

The company went down because top executives found accounting ways to hide billions in debts and bad deals from shareholders.

Most of the extremely rich members of Enron’s leadership team served time in prison.

Most, except Pai.

Nicknamed The Luckiest Man Alive by the press at the time, not only did Pai come out unscathed, he also sold $250 million worth of stocks days before the Houston-based company crashed.

Newspapers discovered at the time he was famous within the company for spending a lot of time during working hours in Houston’s luxurious gentlemen’s clubs.

Eventually, the married Pai started an affair with Melanie Fewell, one of his favorite exotic dancers.

In time, they had a baby. Pai eventually divorced his wife and married Melanie.

Neither Anthony Barbuto, Alicki’s lawyer, nor Gary Betensky, the Pais’, returned calls for comment.



Article originally posted by Gossip Extra. Read the article here.

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