New Edge Performance President, John Haime, is trusted by some of the world’s leading athletes to help them get to the next performance level. They trust him and call on him to develop their “mental and emotional muscles”. These athletes know that the higher you go in a sport – the more important the mental and emotional game becomes.

A former tournament Professional Golfer, Haime now works with the world’s best in many sports, including equestrian. He believes there is a missing link in equestrian … for the rider. “There are so many performance services for the horse – but the rider seems to be overlooked when it comes to leading-edge high performance. It’s time to bring world-class performance services to the equestrian athlete,” asserts Haime.

Haime believes there is a significant opportunity in equestrian to develop high performance skills of the rider – and further – help the rider transfer these important performance skills to everything they do in life. John Haime develops better, more confident riders, but also leverages the rider’s passion and interest to develop valuable life skills that help the young rider in leadership, relationships and everyday challenges.

The leading-edge, 5-step, 6-month “New Edge Performance” customized program measures an equestrian athlete’s mental and emotional capabilities, focuses on strengthening the “fundamentals” and ultimately creates a detailed plan for the equestrian athlete to help maximize their physical abilities. The program has the very best from Sport Psychology, Neuroscience, Executive Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.

John Haime working with a young rider.
John Haime working with a young rider.

I think what we do differently in the performance area is we are always looking forward to develop skills that the athlete will require outside of the sport”, says Haime. “We guarantee the equestrian athlete will perform better in the ring, but we also look ahead and know that many will leave the ring and move to new challenges. We insure our clients become high performing athletes and high performing individuals.”

For the equestrian rider to truly become the confident and focused “pilot” they must have a mastery of their emotions. But, that’s not all. They must also have a definite purpose, have a developed value system, be self-aware, understand confidence, how to build it, create the right plan and be skilled in a number of other fundamental performance areas.

Work with young, leading equestrians has shown great results. Riders, parents and coaches are seeing the value of the program with significant jumps in self-awareness, confidence, focus, resilience, organization and enjoyment in the sport. Young equestrians are performing well, having fun and developing skills that will help them be successful later on.

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